About Me

Posted on Oct 20, 2020


My name is Ben Neil, a polyglot engineer. I have had the privilege to work the past eleven years making websites, services, documentation and tools for amazing companies.

I’m obsessed with technology and programming - mainy linux, hypervisors, containers, unikernels, scala, rust, go etc. Ive got a real problem researching tools and enjoy writing then rewriting internal documentation.


Recently (well in 2016) I co-authored a book called Professional Scala, it was an exciting experience and I really enjoyed the feedback from the scala community.

Other Blogs

Things in progress

Go checkout my NOW page, it has all the things im working on well, right now!

Random Trivia

Some fun facts about this site and me:

  • The first program I made was a Mortal Kombat Trivia game
  • I used to run a BBS called “Serious Games” using Wildcat! BBS
  • My favorite DOOR game was “Legend of the Red Dragon”
  • Hugo’s House of Horrors is my favorite adventure game - followed by Monkey Island and Loom
  • The longest ive been awake coding / releasing software was just over three days.
  • I really like using the tomato timer to segregate work sessions
  • This site was coded in Vim using lots of plugins mentioned at spf13-vim

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to ask me on Twitter.


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Thanks for reading!