On Notes

Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Hugo for note taking

I’m wondering if using Hugo for writing notes would even be applicable to my current work flows. Right now I usually just use Evernote, but then I never really go into Evernote and re-review all the things ive noted.

I keep feeling like there has to be a way to manage GTD, alongside tools that im working with daily because seriously, the amount of context switching in terms of apps/sites to plan any one project seems crazy.

Current Setup

Right now my usual task propagation is from vim into trello for personal projects and pivotal tracking for professional projects.

Then while working on tasks ‘Be Focused Pro’ tracking pomodoro time iterations.

Notes are done either through vim, samsung notes or evernotes.

Bookmarking is handled from pocket.

But I really don’t have any way to index ideas or sort through anything. So I keep bouncing around all sorts of productivity ideas, bullet journals, more note-taking apps, things like GTD to try and wrangle all the things. But nothing really sticks.

What works

I like how simple trello is. I like how simple vim is. I love markdown for note taking. When reading articles on virtual gardens or second brains, it seems like the ability to search and structure data is what makes the most sense. But does hugo provide that, kinda, I think id probably need to restrict the frontpage from displaying notes. But slugs should do a good job of keeping projects together.

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