Connecting/Migrations in RDS

Posted on Jun 1, 2021


Since goose uses pq under the hood, to hit remote urls

goose postgres "user=postgres password=${PROD_PGPASS} dbname=test sslmode=disable" status


I didnt have a default database created, so I needed to psql into it - summoning psql via docker container

docker run -it --rm jbergknoff/postgresql-client postgresql://postgres:${PROD_PGPASS}
Comment by Webmention Rocks! on Fri Jul 29, 2022 22:36 UTC

This test verifies that you accept a Webmention request that contains a valid source and target URL. To pass this test, your Webmention endpoint must return either HTTP 200, 201 or 202 along with the appropriate headers.

If your endpoint returns HTTP 201, then it MUST also return a Location header. If it returns HTTP 200 or 202, then it MUST NOT include a Location header.