Webmentions are fun

Posted on Jul 29, 2022

On Implementing webmentions

When going through the process of implementing webmentions I found the process to be a little challenging. However, I would imagine most of my issues were due to having a static site. Lucking, I found some really excellent examples of people who had set things up and also used hugo!

So for those looking to for some help, I found kaushalmodi and also integrating-webmentions-into-hugo to have an excellent partial to follow. Mostly using the getJson function from hugo. The only real gotcha was remembering to use hugo serve --ignoreCache.

So as for receiving webmentions, all done and complete. However, the real fun was just starting. When looking into how to actually send webmentions, it looks like I get to do some coding. My approach is to use vercel as a lambda to activate a scan of my rss feed whenever I publish a specific kind of taxonmy in hugo.

So I started with these steps

  1. Add custom rss field for if im mentioning anothers site, like a comment. I did this through creating an index.rss.html in layouts/_default
  2. Create a new github project, I used this template as an example for how to setup the vercel project
  3. I signed up with upstash, so i could have a little cloud db. Since its only for saving webmentions it should be low maintenance
  4. Started to psuedo code up the implementation
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