Replaying No Mans Sky

Posted on May 25, 2021

No Man Sky

Used to play the game a few years back and am starting to get back into it.

Whats Great

Been really enjoying getting back into the game. After a few hours I even got to see a sand worm comes flying out of the ground. I was so used to just being bored going from world to procedurally generated world that it shook me for a second.

  • New questing systems
  • New treasure hunting games
  • AI looks like it improved

Living Ships

Oh, man took me a week straight, but I was able to create/find the living ship. Was a really fun adventure up until the section where you have to track down a portal. Since that was a bit of a hunt, and a half to figure out how to get to the Euclid galaxy from the new galaxy I had just created from finishing the atlas path