Posted on Oct 20, 2020

Technical Overview

I really use a lot of tech soup - so these change all the time

  1. Docker EE and Kubernetes
  2. Go, Rust, Scala and more
  3. Drone, Jenkins and Gitlab
  4. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis and more
  5. Vue.js, next.js


Compliable CTO Co-Founder Sept 2020 to Present

Same role just now with a new name!

Technical Toolset Docker, Aws Stack, Go

REBRIC Chief Technical Officer Nov 2016 to Sept 2020

  • Lead the long-term technical strategy development and tactical execution of those strategies at Rebric
  • Directed technical teams and resources in solutions for design, development and delivery services to benefit the buisness
  • Developed a road map to optimize the rollout of the Rebric infrastructure
  • Launched development, testing and production environments for all Rebric infrastructure
  • Articulated a clear vision, to drive technical discussions throughout the SDLC lifecycle to be in parity with the buisness

Technical Toolset Docker, Jenkins, Ambassador, Play, Rust, Go Microservices, OpenFaas, GCP, AWS.

REBRIC Senior Consultant Nov 2016 to Feb 2020

  • Working as a consultant to help companies modernize their architecture which includes evangelizing kubernetes, docker swarm mode, jenkins and general civil discourse
  • Contributed to a large shared groovy pipeline
  • Cordinated host upgrades within a very structured entrprise environment
  • Mentored and held brown bag session on containerization technology
  • Proposed, designed and implemented a realtime deployment tracker used by XLR
  • Created a custom alarm dashboard for quick diagnose of microservice issues

Technical Toolset Docker, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Go

AppThis LLC Senior Fullstack Engineer Mar 2015 to Nov 2016

  • Primary sysadmin / devops lead for the entirety of the AppThis infrastructure
  • Created a monitoring platform that integrates applications written in python, node, scala and php using ganglia/graphana as a front.
  • Created a “link-validator” that is able to validate every offer in the AppThis system through a world wide proxy which has generated millions in revenue by removing broken ads and cultivating more responsive networks
  • Contributed in creating a video platform that was able to serve 2k requests per second on all major mobile phone devices
  • Developed a real time log aggregation pipeline that spans each aws region that incorporates a resilient pub/sub consumer application which can self heal during any downtime that AppThis experiences
  • Gave programming sessions on diverse topics including advanced functional programming using Scala/Erlang

Technical Toolset Scala, Akka, RabbitMQ, AWS, ScalaTest, SaltStack

Dire Wolf Digital Senior Engineer Jul 2011 to Mar 2015

  • Tasked with adapting and expanding the DWD infrastructure to meet the goals of internal and external stake holders.
  • Customized Chef recipes/cookbooks for use in deployment to Amazon EC2 and automated control through RunDeck
  • Produce modules to support ejabberd chat, which is used in all public facing DWD games
  • Developed scripts used to migrate large amounts of information from expiring games to new database infrastructure. (75 million rows converted under twenty minutes)
  • Designed and implemented internal tools utilized by all projects at DWD

Technical Toolset Scala, Akka, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, Thrift/Protobuf, Cassandra, Postgres

Sony Online Entertainment Lead Developer May 2006 to Jul 2011

  • Lead, manage and mentor a team of web developers to align strategic goals of the company
  • Work closely with artists and producers on projects with short changing deadlines; develop feature-rich websites and applications.
  • Create and maintain high volume websites and work towards the success of many projects for both the marketing and platform departments.
  • Developed SOE frameworks for Facebook and helped build out strategies for client and server-side technologies to meet those growing ends.
  • Designed, maintained and worked with every website at SOE and contributed to the success of many titles for the company.
  • Trained consistently on new technologies to adapt to current and future projects to create the best scalable web frameworks for SOE and partners.

Technical Toolset Java, Dojo, Prototype, Velocity, Tomcat, Perforce


Bachelor of Computer Infomration Systems 2000 to 2003 DeVry University, Phoenix, Arizona