Babylon's Ashes

Posted on Oct 23, 2021

Legacies and Strategies

The free navy. Finally given some room to govern, falls. It was a wonderful exposition into how a careful story. Well crafted. Can create a narrative that can form and hold an empire. That and rail guns keeping your main foothold to said empire in check.

Bablyon’s ashes was a fantastic addition to the expanse series. It was a page turner. A beautiful tale of megalomania and revenge. Or just a fun exposay of the ’emperor having no clothes’. The highlights for me personally.

  1. Filip, his character ark in this book was fantastic. The slow realization of who his father is. Really is. Was as heartbreaking as it was liberating when he finally takes on the ‘Nagata’ surname.
  2. Bobby, im a sucker for a good rambo scene. So the attack in the slow zone was especially fun. As the antonym scene from her being stuck in an airlock. Unable to help anyone.
  3. Peaches, finally gets some recognition outside of her body augmentations.

All-in-all, 👍 great book and highly recommended.