Cibola Burn

Posted on Jul 13, 2021

He reaches out

Sometimes I read a book and I start laughing at just how bad things keep getting regardless of the beste intentions of the characters in the book. Having now gone through a few of these expanse books, I knew that the crew of the Rocinante, were going to see wild things in the through the gates. But I couldn’t even imagine how entertaining the middle of this book would be.

It was just a smothering of humans being the worst version of themselves, yet again.

Also the side plot of the scientist being attracted to Holden was great. I think the author could have played with Holdens polyamorous upbringing a bit more just given those sorts of relationships wouldnt have been super alien to him. But, it was addressed so I give the author a :+1: for that.

Really fun book and really nice character archs for some short lived side characters.